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Medical Certificates for Minor Illnesses

Get a sick certificate so you can rest and recover.

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Very good service and legit. Would recommend
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f f
I used this service when I needed a cert for work. The website is easy to navigate and the customer service team were excellent when I had to get in touch with them. It’s an excellent service and I would highly recommend using it.
Cian McConnell
Cian McConnell
Great service, highly recommend
Jenny Mcnamara
Jenny Mcnamara
Excellent service.
Marianna Sideratos
Marianna Sideratos
Great service and quick reply. Really recommend it.
Sandra Balderrama
Sandra Balderrama
I'm so grateful. They help mw very quickly Ok 👍
Patrick Mc Donagh
Patrick Mc Donagh
Great service from everyone involved, will definitely use GSC again!
Sharmillah Furigay
Sharmillah Furigay
They entertain your query right away and they give options on how to answer your problems. Live chat also is helpful. Thank you!

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The Fastest and Most Compliant Way To Get An Online Medical Certificate for Sick Leave from Work or University in the UK

How It Works

It is so easy to obtain an online medical certificate for a minor illness at Get Sick Cert.

Sickness medical certificate - Getsickcert

Fill out an online medical questionnaire form, reporting the symptoms of your ongoing minor illness. It only takes a few minutes.

Verifiy medical certificate online - Getsickcert

Submit the medical questionnaire form with your payment to start the process. A UK-registered doctor will review the form and might contact you if it is necessary.

online medical certificate - Getsickcert

Following the completion of the assessment, you will be sent a sick certificate for your minor illness based on your eligibility. You can receive it via email or WhatsApp.

It Is Truly That Simple.
Works Just Like Visiting A GP Without Leaving Home.

Signed by a registered UK doctor

Trusted by thousands in UK

No appointment or travel time needed

We Are Happy To Answer All Your Questions About Get Sick Cert Medical Certificates

This service is available for UK residents who are employees or university students. It is suitable for all the following conditions:

  1. Adults who are above 18years of age.
  2. Our online sick certificates are only applicable for minor illnesses that are not medical emergencies, such as sore throat, cough, cold and flu, upset stomach, and COVID.
  3. Those who need a sick note to certify “unwell to work due to a minor illness”. This certificate does not certify for “fitness to work”.
  4. Those who need a sick cert for an ongoing illness. Not a condition they have partially or fully recovered from.
  5. Those who need to account for sick leave from work or University.
  6. Our certificates account for short-term sick leaves, from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 5 days.
  7. Those who have not received any Get Sick Cert sick notes in the past 7 days can avail of this certificate. We only issue one sick note per applicant within that period.
  8. Those who have not received more than two Get Sick Cert sick notes in the past 30 days can avail of this certificate. We have usage restrictions to dissuade misuse of the document.
  9. The reason for your sick leave does not include any medical emergency that may be more appropriate for in-person care or seeing the GP in person.
  10. Those who are genuinely looking for a sick cert for themselves, not for a family member, either adult or child.
  11. This certificate is only suitable for otherwise healthy persons with no other ongoing medical conditions, long-term illnesses, or even pregnancies.

It is good to know about the limitations and restrictions of using Get Sick Cert medical certs, for legitimate and convenient utility. Below are the guidelines.

  1. This certificate is not suitable for schoolchildren or minors below the age of 18.
  2. This certificate is not applicable to minor illnesses while you are under medical care for a different physical condition.
  3. This certificate is not suitable for ailments associated with eye problems, like infection, injury, or disorder.
  4. We cannot issue a medical certificate for health issues that include physical or mental trauma, suspected broken bones, blood loss, and wounds. All these conditions require medical diagnosis and in-person medical attention.
  5. We cannot issue a medical certificate when a minor illness involves a severe symptom. For example, when a common cold involves a severe headache, breathing trouble, or an upset stomach accompanied by heartburn or signs of blood,
  6. Users who sustained a medical emergency and need urgent in-person attention from a doctor or healthcare professional cannot benefit from a Get Sick Cert sick note.
  7. This certificate is not suitable for medical diagnoses concerned with Social Protection in the UK, which necessitates you to visit a GP in person.
  8. Get Sick Cert does not entertain any requests to backdate a sick certificate when the patient has partially or completely recovered from the illness for which they took the sick leave. We only address ongoing illnesses.
  9. Our sick notes are not suitable for women during pregnancy and the post-natal and breastfeeding periods.
  10. Our sick notes are not applicable to mental health conditions, including chronic stress or depression.
  11. You cannot use another Get Sick Cert online medical cert in 7-8 days. You cannot use more than 2 certificates in 30 days.
  12. This certificate is not suitable for people who have been diagnosed with certain diseases including those that affect your blood vessels, heart, liver, kidney and any neurological issues.
  13. We cannot issue an online health certificate for individuals who have recently undergone certain diagnostic procedures, for suspected cancer, hepatitis, heart blockage, stomach ulcer and others. These medical diagnoses could be blood tests, biopsy, ECG, X-ray, MRI or CT scans.
  14. This medical certificate is not suitable to account for illnesses that are side effects of certain drugs or medical treatments.

We can send your medical sick cert, reviewed and signed by a UK-registered doctor, in less than 24-hours. However, it will take a few days if you are planning to take a leave for an extended period of up to 5 days. If the doctor has to call you for further information, it may take a little longer. We constantly emphasise the need to provide as much precise and correct information as possible to minimise any delays in the review.

At Get Sick Cert we have devised a simple yet highly effective process to assess genuine cases of minor illnesses. We have allied with a network of UK-certified doctors who manually assess the forms, which is always confidential and consistent. The doctor might even directly call you over the phone or connect over video call to make sure of your condition and sign the document with up close verification.

All Get Sick Cert medical certifications follow the guidelines under the Statutory Holiday Entitlement as per UK corporate law. Employees and university students can obtain a health certificate for “unwell to work” directly from a UK-registered GP after formally assessing their health conditions in a formal setting. Over the months, we have helped hundreds of people in the UK with their sick leave accruals. There is practically no reason for your employer not to accept this document since it is legally compliant.

Our certificates are applicable in all regions across the United Kingdom.

  • Our prices begin at £19.99. You can also look into our special case prices on our form page.
  1. This sick certificate only proves that you were medically unable to work.
  2. This certificate only covers short-term leaves from two to five days. It does not cover any extended leaves beyond the time period.
  3. This certificate cannot cover more than a single sick leave period in a week or within 7 days. It cannot cover more than two leave periods in a single month, or 30 days.
  4. Get Sick Cert sick notes do not cover extended sick leaves for more than 5 days in a row. It cannot be clubbed with any leave policies, such as parental leave and compassionate leave.
  5. Get Sick Cert only offers private sick certificates to adhere to sick policies of private companies or maintain performance at university. The document cannot suffice for obtaining any benefits from social welfare.
  6. We do not cover the “Fitness to Work” certification. We recommend visiting a GP in person; that is more appropriate.
  7. Please note that we will only issue medical certificates for a current minor illness. Requests for previous dates (i.e., for an illness no longer ongoing) will be rejected. We are unable to backdate a medical certificate.
  8. The service is not designed for medical emergencies. For urgent care needs, the best course of action is to visit your nearest GP or emergency department in the UK.

Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds since the Get Sick Cert platform, although an online procedure, operates precisely like a GP’s clinic. Your payment is for the GP’s appointment to go through your medical questionnaire. You aren’t purchasing the document. If the GP discovers that you are not truly ill, they may reject your application. The same way it works in the clinic. In such cases, refunds are not entertained.

Please double-check your requested dates as well as your personal and medical details during your initial request. In the event that you realise you mistakenly provided the wrong information, you can request changes during the review process or after the certificates are issued. The updating services will attract a fee of £9.99.