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How Does the GSC Online GP Consultation Portal Work?

Is GP unreachable in your locality? An illness troubling you? A medical issue you prefer discussing online? We can arrange an appointment with professional online doctors while you are resting at home. Here’s how we render GP services online:

STEP 1: Fill out an online questionnaire

Kindly spare a few minutes to discuss your medical condition, the timeline of your symptoms and other details

STEP 2: Pick your preferred time slot

Please schedule an appointment with our GP online by choosing from a range of time slots, including weekends and evenings. You may receive a message from your General Practitioner seeking additional details if necessary.

STEP 3: Connect with a GP online in Ireland

See your doctor now to seek medical advice on the treatment for your medical condition over an online video consultation. We also provide prescriptions and medical certificates, all in one place.

Our Customer Review

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Very good service and legit. Would recommend
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f f
I used this service when I needed a cert for work. The website is easy to navigate and the customer service team were excellent when I had to get in touch with them. It’s an excellent service and I would highly recommend using it.
Cian McConnell
Cian McConnell
Great service, highly recommend
Jenny Mcnamara
Jenny Mcnamara
Excellent service.
Marianna Sideratos
Marianna Sideratos
Great service and quick reply. Really recommend it.
Sandra Balderrama
Sandra Balderrama
I'm so grateful. They help mw very quickly Ok 👍
Patrick Mc Donagh
Patrick Mc Donagh
Great service from everyone involved, will definitely use GSC again!
Sharmillah Furigay
Sharmillah Furigay
They entertain your query right away and they give options on how to answer your problems. Live chat also is helpful. Thank you!

Answering the Most Common Inquiries

The team of doctors working with us are available 7 days a week and 365 days a year including evenings, bank holidays and weekends. However, make sure you check the time slots when filling out your form to avoid any misunderstanding.

Once you connect with a GP, the doctor will start asking questions about your health conditions and symptoms. You may have to turn your camera to assist the person in making significant clinical observations. At the end of the conversation, get a management plan, which may include a prescription, a medical certificate or a referral for further investigation. Be at ease; a copy of the notes taken down by the doctor and their advice will be sent for your records through our platform.

As long as you are signed up with GSC, you can connect with an online GP via our website within your preferred time slot. However, if you have not registered yet, create a patient account to proceed and consult experienced doctors online in Ireland.

When consulting a doctor for a sick note, men can seek treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc. Women patients can discuss bacterial vaginosis, contraceptive pills, cystitis, UTI, etc. You may also speak with our doctors about general health issues such as hair loss, obesity, high cholesterol, asthma, acne, migraine, hay fever and more.

Why Are We the Best Choice for Online Doctor Consultation In Ireland?


Avail of a doctor's online consultation services from the comfort of your own home.


We maintain confidentiality and never share patient info with anyone (similar to face-to-face consultation confidentiality).


We collaborate only with Ireland’s top-rated GPs.


You can count on the advice of our digital doctors. They are registered with the Irish Medical Council.


Save travel expenses and pay affordable consultation fees with GSC.


As an Irish-based platform, all our consultations are conducted by Irish doctors.

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